Check for corrupted File with Powershell

Check for corrupted File with Powershell:


Check all Domain Controllers for Secure LDAP Connections


Rescan all Disks on all Nodes of a Cluster

Rescan all Disks on all Nodes of a Windows Cluster, this is very usefull on a Hyper-V Cluster with Cluster-Shared-Volumes (CSV) if you add a new LUN.


Compare Networks of 2 Nodes of a Hyper-V Cluster

Compare all Networks of 2 Hyper-V Nodes in a Hyper-V Cluster. Please check Network Adapter of your Cluster in the Script.


Get-ACL from a List of Shares




Copy VMDK from VMware Datastore to temp Location and migrate VMDK to VHDX


Get Jobhistory of a CommVault Client

This Powershell Function lists the Job History of a CommVault Client.

The Scripts works with a token File. See my Post how to create a Token File for CommVault.


Get CommVault Client Schedule Info

PowerShell Function to get the Schedule of a CommVault Client.

Syntax: Get-CVSchedule -Clientname servername

Content of XML File:


How to Create a Token File for CommVault Commands

With a Token File you don`t have to login each time you want to use a CommVault Command. Also every other User can use the (PowerShell) Commands.

The User should have Master Role in CommVault at the CommVault Client Group.

After this Command you get the Prompt for the User and his Password.